Formal Gift Certificate Template

The formal gift certificate is something that has often been reduced to a post-card size reminder or a plastic gift card that can be purchased at any convenience store.

Using the formal gift certificate template does several things. First, it identifies the store, so there is no deciding where to use it. There is only one place where it can be redeemed. The stores that will use such a certificate will have a staff that will treat you as someone special and not just another customer.

This type of gift certificate shows that the the giver found a store that would give special treatment to its customers and the customers will understand that the gift certificate template was something that was chosen with the intent of giving a gift that was nice and indicated an appreciation for the tastes and needs of the recipient.

When you redeem this certificate, the item you choose will always remind you of the person who gave it. The person wanted to give you something nice, or they could have gone to any store. They chose a special store where you could pick out something that would be meaningful and remind you of who gave you the gift.

The same thing does not happen with a plastic gift card, since they can be used at multiple counters in a department store or at numerous locations if it is not a store card

The formal, one store, gift certificate brings backs memories of a time when people purchased gifts for the joy of giving and not because a name was drawn at an office party.

Floral Design for Holiday Gift Certificate Template

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