High School Diploma certificate template

At a high school graduation ceremony is it nice to hand the students that have worked so hard over the past couple of years a diploma. Often the official high school diplomas are not ready by the time graduation comes around. A downloaded high school diploma template can be used at this ceremony. It can be customized and printed for each and every student.

The high school diploma template is downloadable from the Dotxes. It is compatible with Microsoft Words. Once the template is downloaded it can be customized. The name of the high school is typed in on the top. There is also a space to type in the name of the student. The certificate then goes on to say that student completed the requirements and has earned this diploma. The word diploma is in large font. Under the word is the date on which the diploma has been earned. At the bottom of this template three is a space to put the official seal or the stamp of the school. On the left is a place for the superintendent to sign and on the right is a place for the principal to sign the diploma to make it official.

On graduation night this diploma is great to hand out to the student. It makes them feel accomplished while the real diploma is being prepared. This template can be downloaded and customized for every student that has earn high school graduation. It is simple to use and authentic looking. This high school diploma template is great to use at the graduation ceremony.

school diploma certificate template MS Word FR

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